Appliance Repair West Hartford Takes the Guess Work out of Finding a Reputable Service

No one enjoys the frustration of calling the manufacturer or store where they purchased the appliance, to be put on hold, disconnected, or given the run-around with no results

West Hartford, CT – Appliance Repair West Hartford service providers understand how frustrating it can be to find a reputable appliance service provider. The simple fact that they need appliance repair service is aggravating enough. Action appliance repair office manager, Heidi explains the typical scenario when people try to find a quick solution to their appliance problems:

Those who call the appliance manufacturer and request a factory trained appliance repair service technician today, are often disappointed. Going through the automated system and following the prompts, press one for this and dial two for that could take up to an hour to get a live voice on the phone.

Rates are generally higher with the manufacturer; however, they will use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts which is a plus. The downside is waiting longer for an appointment.

A local jack-of-all-trades who advertises his services on Craigslist or the grocery store bulletin board will portray himself as the least expensive, friendly neighborhood appliance repair service. He has no name except his own, no logo on his tuck and no uniform. If he is not licensed and insured, the homeowner can be at risk if he is hurt or causes further damage in their home.

Calling the store where the appliance was purchased often proves to be futile because they offer few resources in appliance repair. Typically the best they can do is to refer the customer to the manufacturer.

The Yellow Pages or the Internet are resources for finding many products and services. One can search through listings, check them out with the Better Business Bureau, confirm their license and insurance and make an informed decision as to who to hire for appliance repair service.

By the time the frustrated owner has completed their research and scheduled an appointment, half the day is wasted and they are still without a working appliance.

Action Appliance Repair West Hartford offers same-day appliance repair with a 5-year pro-rated warranty on parts and 110% customer satisfaction. They service all brands, makes and models and keep OEM parts in stock. Their professional appliance repair technicians drive clearly marked vehicles and arrive in uniform with shoe covers to protect the customer’s home. Learn more at

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