Appliance Repair West Hartford Service and Job Opportunities

A Action Appliance Repair West Hartford is a family-owned appliance repair business with plenty of highly-trained and skilled appliance repair technicians who service the entire state of Connecticut and Springfield Massachusetts.

The appliance repair and service job outlook is good since it is expected that there will continue to be more available jobs than qualified applicants according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Some future workers will decide to work in other occupations that are more appealing to them due to easier work and better working environment than this our industry,” said A Action Appliance Repair CEO, Jon Miskin. The growth rate for home appliance repair technicians is projected to rise at a slightly lower pace than the average growth for all jobs through 2012. While the number of self-employed appliance repair technicians is expected to fall, the growth rate for hourly paid and salary employees is expected to grow on pace with the average.
As the number of houses and businesses grow, so too will the number of home appliances. “Since appliances are advancing rapidly in complexity, it is only common sense that tells me to hire and train more qualified appliance repair techs to service them.”

Recently, the trend has been to replace old appliances that have expired warranties with new products, as opposed to paying an appliance repair service. In the ensuing decade or so, appliances are expected to be more expensive and last longer, leading people to return to repairing appliances rather than buying new appliances. Even during bad economic times employment remains stable since the demand for appliance repair is fairly constant. On top of all the new jobs created, there will be opportunities to fill spots vacated by retirees or workers who move to new jobs.

As manufactures sponsor less and less training programs, the number of home appliance repair techs that are self-employed will decrease. Typically manufacturers offer these training programs to larger companies, like A Action Appliance Repair, thus undermining the workers efforts to start their own business.  The most effective way to stay up to date on improvements and advancements made with products is to work for a larger appliance repair company.  As this trend continues, it is projected that a concentration in employment in large businesses will increase as small shops fade away. Despite these trends, those appliance repair techs that have developed strong ties within the industry may be able to sustain their own business.

Action Appliance offers service today with a 5-year pro-rated warranty on parts, and 110% customer satisfaction policy. They are authorized to service all brands, makes, and models of appliances.

Action Appliance Repair service keeps the original manufacturer’s parts in stock whenever possible.  Their clean-cut technicians drive newly-lettered vehicles and wear uniforms and shoe covers. 

Customers enjoy old fashioned customer service where a live rep answers the phone and offers a prompt solution.  No automated system, no press one for this and press two for that.  Savvy internet users can request appliance repair service online and expect a call from a qualified technician within 20 minutes.

When in doubt trust Action Appliance Repair with all your appliance repair questions and needs.  We cover Appliance Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement, Refrigerator Repair, Freezer Repair, Ice Maker Repair, Electric Range Repair, Washer Repair, Dryer Repair, Mircrowave Oven Repair, Trash Compactor Repair, Air Conditioner Repair, Dehumidifier Repair, Gas Range Repair and more!